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About traveling Abroad for Surgery

Are you facing any of the following problems in your country? :

  • High Costs of Healthcare
  • Ridiculously Long Waiting Times
  • Lack of Local Expertise

You are not alone! Healthcare costs in the developed world have risen to a level where people are being increasingly forced to empty their hard earned life savings for a simple surgery. Countries with dedicated public healthcare systems (such as NHS in UK) offer slightly cheaper healthcare but waiting times forsome procedures, quite obviously, are ridiculously long. Moreover, for rare or complicated procedures, it is a challenge to find the best possible hospitals and doctors, thanks to a complete lack of a trusted source of information.

It is no surprise then, that the patients harassed by these problems have chosen to travel to other countries which have outstanding medical expertise, a fraction of costs compared to patient’s home country and little or no waiting times. For example, Czech republic, a country known for its qualified, English speaking workforce attracts around half a million overseas patients every year. With up to 80% cost savings + a enchanting holiday experience, patients from over the world (including US, Canada, UK, UAE, Indonesia etc) are now living a happy post surgery life instead of suffering in pain in waiting line or with almost empty pension funds.

If you or your family / friends face any of the above problems in your country, contact FlyforSurgery today. We are a Singapore-based facilitator of offshore medical travel connecting individuals to world class health care facilities. Expect extensive information on procedures, doctors, and hospitals – so that you can make an informed decisions about your preferred medical provider.

FlyForSurgery is a consultant to individuals and organizations seeking cost effective medical solutions. Due to disparities in the cost of medical care in different countries, FlyForSurgery is able to design solutions for its clients which make the best of use of their money – often saving them upto 70% of total costs compared to their own country, while providing world class standards of healthcare.